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Fulfilling our goal of providing a sustainable future for the Moken People includes work such as:

– Providing salaries for Moken who work to preserve their culture.
These are measures such as making Kabang Models, restoring old Kabangs, and teaching the younger generation to make and use the Moken tools.

– Establishing a basic ferry-route between the Surin Islands and the mainland during the monsoon season.
A crossing in their open longtail boats is estimated between 3-6 hours. During the monsoon season this can take longer, and if the weather is extreme (which it is quite a bit during the monsoon), crossing is impossible. If any emergency were to occur on the island during these times, a reliable ferry that could make the trip under any conditions would mean saving lives. In addition, the stability of a durable ferry makes it possible for the Moken on Surin to plan ahead; an important step towards functioning in relation to the modern world.

– Providing travel funds for the Moken.
Networking and keeping in contact with friends and family is becoming increasingly difficult because of the growing dependency on fuel and modern means of transportation. Drifting is free, but no longer possible.

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