In pictures: The Moken

Posted on Jul 18, 2013

Project Moken was founded by a team of film-makers and designers to raise awareness of the Moken sea nomads and their way of life. Norwegian photographer Sofie Olsen joined the team on the Surin Islands between Burma and Thailand.
The Moken are hunter gatherers with an exceptional knowledge of the ocean and marine life. Their livelihood is traditionally totally dependent on the resources of the sea, so spear fishing is vitally important to them.
The Moken are remarkable free divers and can dive to depths of over 20m (65ft) and stay there for several minutes on a single breath as they go in search of fish.
They have unusually good underwater-vision because their eyes have adapted to the liquid environment. Even without weights, they become negatively buoyant enough to walk across the bottom of the sea as if hunting on land.

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