They were so proud that a movie about them (as Indigenous Peoples) becomes a centerpiece for cultural discussions. Not only did the film ably represent their plight with the many restrictions to their freedom in their own ancestral domains, it also gave them a feeling of hope that their voices could now be heard by like-minded empathizers and advocates for their continuous enjoyment of nature’s bounty.
– Marilyn L. Ngales, Director, Community Outreach and Service Learning (COSeL)
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No word for worry” is a beautiful film. A real gem that takes you an amazing journey, raising awareness, asking questions but at all times allowing the integrity of Hook to shine through. With breath taking photography, it’s a voyage we should all take. A must see.
– Luke Cresswell, Director and Writer of “Great White Shark” & “Wild Ocean”,
Co-creator of musical phenomenon “Stomp”

This Golden Chair Award for Best Norwegian Documentary goes to a big film, both in expression and content. It proves the power of documentaries to make a difference. This is a universal story about the small guy against the great powers. The film is beautifully shot and has a filmic expression in which scenes are allowed to live and the shots are allowed to last for a long time. The director lets us stay in the situations, and does not fall to the temptation of becoming obvious. The filmmaker lets us breathe, even underwater.
– Kortfilmfestivalen 2014

“No Word for Worry” is an aesthetic and thematic shock that anyone with a conscience for nature, culture and the environment must see.
– Eurodok 2014

”No Word for Worry” is a gentle and generous introduction to the Moken world which is as precious as it is fragile. Hook is the best representative any culture could have, a man of quiet dignity and resolve. The film is also remarkably visual – just amazing images and colors.
More than any other Norwegian film in recent years, this film is important and needs to be seen around the world.

– Peter Eisenstein, Scriptwriter

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